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Friday, 8 April 2011



Ø  Introduction of Organisation

                                             An organisation is association of individuals for profit and have same tasks and control by its own performance and cannot cross the boundaries of him.

Ø  Purpose of Organisation

                                 In organisation we can do many types of work with collectively, because every individual is expert in his field, the main purpose of this to earn maximum profit in short time. The working process in organization is so fast other than who work separate (synergy).

Ø  Types of organization.

                                      There are two types of organizations.
·         Private organization.
·         Public organization.

Ø  Private organization

An organization with owned and run by only single person or his family normally it is a small business organization, Like Shiraz flour mills.

Ø  Public organization

An organization owned and run by central and local government or government agencies.
Now we discuss only departments which are existed in these organizations. In organization there are existed many types of departments and every department has its own functions and to do his related work and cannot cross the boundary of other department.

Ø  Department in Organization

                    There are eight types of departments in organization
Ø  Research Development
Ø  Purchasing
Ø  Production
Ø  Marketing
Ø  Services
Ø  Administration
Ø  Finance
Ø  Human resources
Now we discuss the every department with briefly, because every department has its own importance.

Ø  Research and development

                                         R&D plays an important role in the innovation process. Its result in technology that brings new product and services to the market place for this department, we can offer a new product in market and this department has closely co-ordination with marketing.

o   Functions in Private and Public company

·         Shiraz flour mills a private organization in which R&D department analyze the quality of wheat through in test laboratories and try to how to produce a high quality with also suggest the qualities of machines because it is necessary for this
·         PIA is a public organization in which research and development department play role to analyzed the product which are used in and also do the research about this how to make a perfect for passengers and in which whose technology is used and it will meet to technology of world airlines.

Ø  Purchasing department

                                 Purchasing department has major contribution of any organization, because the purchasing department purchase raw material and control the cost of goods. This department has the four mix goals and this is always try to achieve Quantity, Quality, Price and Delivery.

o   Functions in Private and Public company

·         In private company, purchase department purchase wheat at reasonable prices and send to the production sector at a time to earn maximum profit.
·         In PIA public organization purchasing department is to purchase the part of plan before purchasing its do co-ordination with research and development department and then purchase from companies whose rates are normal and material is good mostly purchase from Japan, America ,France etc.

Ø  Production

                    The function of production department is to convert input to output. In production department the production manager has some responsible for making sure that raw material is provided and made in finished goods effectively, and make sure that work id carried out smoothly it is closely related to other departments like HRM, Finance etc

o   Functions in Private and Public company

·         In shiraz flour mills we produces the maximum quantity of flour in short time to meet the demand of market production and it is totally process of planning if demand is high then we produces in high quantity and store in our god owns, and total quality management to check it time to time.
·         In public organization PIA in which totally parts are import from other countries and assemble in Pakistan and in which some parts is produces in Pakistan. In PIA production department has the function to repair it and assemble new planes and checked it time to time.

Ø  Marketing

                    It main function to create  strong relations with their customers and marketing involves a wide range of processes concerned with finding out what consumer want then providing it for them and its co-ordination with sales department and this is focus department because its purpose is to  advertisement of organisation.

o   Functions in Private and Public company

·         In shiraz flour mills we show the samples of high quality wheat and take the confidence of our customers and packing in consumer requirements and provide other extra bounces in like 100grams free
·         In PIA marketing department play his role in the terms of commercials, aids and other marketing to know the opinions of customers these are its related etc.

Ø  Services

             Services are intangibles to give the benefit to others. In this department Organization provide services to their customers in time these services may a free of cost to attract more customers and co-ordination to sales department.

o   Functions in Private and Public company

·         In private organization services department provide the delivery in time in market and its main function to understand the demand of their customers
·         In PIA services department has a major rule to provide the services to their customer’s services may be I the types of comfortable seats, refreshment, in time arrival, to provide everything of their needed. If services department provide a good services then will be the positive effect on their customers.

Ø  Administration

                                               An organizational unit that performs management activities benefiting  the entire organization; includes top management personnel and organization
. This department is directly linked with head office the basic function of this department is to provide the require material to their staff and working labour for example to purchase computer to keep the record of their accounts. This department gives the report to head office time to time.

o   Functions in Private and Public company

·         In Shiraz flour mills it’s provide the bags for packing and to provide the computer to keep records,and provide all material which is used in production give the reports of headoffice to employeesS And give the report to head office.
·         In PIA the main function of administrative department is to provide material which is required, and directly co-ordination with all departments and give the report to head office.

Ø  Finance department

                       The science of the management and assets, in other words supplying funds and capitals is called finance department. Finance is the money raising, record and control system in any organization. It plays a specific role in any organization, because every department is directly linked with this.

o   Functions in Private and Public company

·         In Shiraz flour mills finance department to issue finance for purchase of wheat, to purchase new machinery and other assets and in production the processed and after supply in market its all finance issued from finance department.
·         PIA is a public organization its main function to provide services and earn profit in a limited range but unfortunately, from many years it goes to losses like Pakistan railways, in PIA finance generated by finance department but the extra finance issued by government to support him.


               The main function of this department is to make relations between high management and working labour and to take people in business that seats are not fills and it’s a motivated department and create co-operate climate between departments and give the chance to show skills.

o   Functions in private and public organisation

·         In private organization it takes to come people in who have experienced in related field,with promote the skill of employees with friendly environment and its positive effect of ourperformance.
·         In public company like PIA,HRM department choice extra ordinary skill persons from market, mostly management officer get jobs by HRM in PIA and human resources department promote the relationship among the departments and     








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